The Adirondack White Shaker kitchen cabinets are a class of shaker kitchen cabinets. Shaker cabinets are classified as cabinets that are constructed with five pieces of wood. They are put together in a way that the center of the cabinet is depressed. The cabinet handle is usually found in the middle of the depression. The Adirondack White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets vary in design. They can come with a double or single door design, and can either be mounted to the wall or fitted into the floor. The shaker drawers for the floor units mimic the structure of the shaker cabinets. This means it is a 5-piece drawer that has a depression in the middle where the handle will typically be placed. Please be aware that in some models, the drawer of a Adirondack White Shaker will not mimic the structure of the cabinet. There are many varieties of drawer design and is up to homeowner preference. Additionally, there are pieces of the set which are used to piece together the rest of the set. These include: corner pieces, multiple drawer pieces, coat rack accessories, etc.

Adirondack White Shakers are made of the Adirondack White Pine which can be found in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. They mimic the style of the cabins that are build in that area. They are a very simple cabinet that have a modernized style. They are a plain white color that meshes with mostly anything that the homeowner has decided to put with the set. In most cases, the cabinet is already built and ships as a single unit. Along with the cabinets for sale, there are accessory pieces that can be added to the Adirondack White Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Set. The Adirondack White Shaker kitchen cabinets could be a good addition to any homeowner’s kitchen.